Where is Everyone?

Every 4 years, an internationoal event known as World Gymnaestrada is held in Europe.  This year, Edmonton Acrobatic Gymnastics has a delegation attending as part of Team Canada.  Our coaches and admnistrative staff will be in attending this event, returning the first week of August.  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any summer recreational classes this season.   Look for information about our Fall programs coming shortly.

Phone calls, emails and website feedback will be returned once we return from this event.  We apologize for an invonvenience.

Coming Soon
Registration for Fall 2015

We are hoping to have some additional recreational programs and class days.  Information will be published shortly.

Athletes Jordyn Sherbrook and Dayna Bossert performing "Camel"

Interested in competing or performing Acrobatic Gymnastics?

Summer Tryouts will resume in August.  Please follow our Facebook page for tryout information and registration updats.

*These positions are to be filled by try-outs only.

Tryouts: $25.00


We are an independent corporation not affiliated with Capital City Gymnastics Centre. If you have questions or concerns, please DO NOT contact Capital City Gymnastics Centre. Please contact Edmonton Acrobatic Gymnastics directly using the contact menu or at our phone number, 780-993-2534.

Interested in traditional Artistic Gymnastics programs in your area?  Visit Alberta Gymnastics Federation, the provincial governing body for Gymnastics in Alberta, and find a local club.


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